Pure Strandz Beauty is Elevating your Massage experience in Houston.

Our body massages and reflexology encourage holistic relaxation and are the foundation for stress relief.  They utilize pressure points throughout the body to boost energy, stimulate circulation, and ultimately induce a state of deep relaxation. Each massage was designed with you in mind, and serves to provide an unmatched experience. Pure Strandz Beauty offers all modality of massages including Swedishtrigger point, deep tissue, prenatal, as well as our hand crafted custom massages. All of our massages are coupled with your choice of aromatherapy, hot towels and your choice beverage from our purity bar. Reflect and relax, as our massage specialists cater to you.


Unwind with our classic Swedish Massage tailored to your needs. Your therapist will use a combination of light to firm pressure with a range of long smooth strokes. This massage relaxes muscles, reduces tension, and restores balance.

60 Minutes for $75

90 Minutes for $120

120 Minutes for $150


Melt away the stress of deadlines, hectic schedules, and a busy work with with our signature hot stone massage. Hot stones will warm your body, loosen muscles, and allow for an extra release of built up tension and stress without adding extra pressure.

60 Minutes for $100 

90 Minutes for $135


A revitalizing massage that aims to stretch tight and tense muscles, and improve muscle condition. Our Sports Massage enables you to move more freely and enhances performance, improves recovery and prevents injury.  

60 Minutes for $90

90 Minutes for $135


Perfect for mommy-to-be!  Melt away the body's stress with his gentle yet thorough massage tailored to the needs of expectant mothers.

60 Minutes for $75

90 Minutes for $120

120 minutes for $150


Our specialty massages are perfect for those needing something extra. Our therapists are a cut above the rest and can offer a variety of modalities customized to your needs. Choose from Deep Tissue, Thai, Trigger Point, Reflexology, Lymphatic or other special focus areas. 

60 Minutes for $90

90 Minutes for $135


Indulge in a decadent chocolate massage, infused with raw cacao and coconut oil. This delectable fusion of cacao and coconut, softens, firms, and moisturizes the skin, leaving your body looking irresistibly sweet as Godiva.

75 Minutes for $115


The melding of sweet wintergreen, peppermint, lavender, and coconut oil relieves the body of tension and treats your senses for the ultimate tranquil experience. The cooling sensation of the mint amplifies relaxation and leaves the body feeling refreshed.

75 Minutes for $115


Hydrate your skin with our vitamin enriched massage! Created with relaxation and youthful looking skin in mind. Our blend of shea butter, oatmeal, and vitamin E oil melts into the skin and locks in moisture, to keep your body looking vibrant and glowing.

75 Minutes for $105


Wake up those senses with our fragrant blend of green tea, lemon, grapefruit, and coconut oil. This citrus fusion stimulates the nervous system while getting deep into your pores to remove toxins and firm and smooth your skin. Give your skin a fresh start!

75 Minutes for $105


Perfect for the wine connoisseur! Bask in a mix of essentials oils and your selection of white or red wine. The detoxifying properties of wine make it perfect not only to drink but to purify your skin. Take a load off and un-wine!

75 Minutes for $105


Fit for the regal couple. Enjoy a serene, relaxing environment for two. A combination of light to firm pressure with a range of long smooth strokes coupled with aromatherapy will create the ultimate escape. This massage relaxes muscles, reduces tension, and restores balance.

75 Minutes for $210


Experience a mental getaway with this luxurious retreat. This custom massage was designed with ultimate relaxation in mind and combines premium accommodations including our revitalizing foot scrub, your choice of face mask, and complimentary aromatherapy. Let our hot stones melt stress away while our therapists cater to your individual needs. This 90 minute experience includes your choice of complimentary wine, champagne, or signature sangria. 

90 minutes for $375


We offer unique additions to customize your Pure Strandz Beauty treatment. These can be added to any massage service.

  • Revitalizing face mask: $25

  • rejuvenating Foot Scrub: $15

  • Hot Stones: $15