Enjoy Ultimate Relaxation

Our Hot Stone Massage is a luxurious massage therapy practiced by our highly trained and certified therapists at Pure Strandz Beauty. We provide a relaxing environment placing smooth, heated stones on your back, legs, and body to help warm and soothe tight and sore muscles. These smooth stones will be used as an enhancement to any massage. 

Hot Stones are effective at targeting and relieving deep muscle tension and stress, as the soothing heat from the stone permeates the upper layers to relax the inner muscles.

Our Hot Stone Massages don't just provide relaxation, they can also:

  • Decrease tension

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Promote deep relaxation

  • Improve blood flow

A Pure Strandz Beauty Swedish Massage is the perfect way to ground yourself and promote ultimate relaxation and decrease stress. 

For further information on your Hot Stone  Massage, or to schedule your reservation, please contact us at Pure Strandz Beauty