Get the skin you deserve

Relax, and drift into nirvana as you experience the supreme benefits of our unique facials. Melt into a soothing Ozone steam treatment to open pores followed by your choice of signature facial. All facials include:

  • Deep Cleanse

  • Ozone Steam

  • Blackhead and Pimple Extraction

  • Rejuvenating Exfoliation

  • Ultrasonic Technology to remove dirt and grime from pores

  • Purifying Serum

  • Skin Hydration



This treatment is our signature! Allow us to pull out all the things your face doesn't want.

So say good-bye to that first thin layer of old skin, extractions, unwanted impurities, fine lines, wrinkles, and clogged pores.

Your best skin will be REVEALED! Our custom detox and serums will give your skin what its been missing. This is also great to treat hyper pigmentation 

and uneven skin tone. 3-4 TREATMENTS RECOMMENDED FOR BEST RESULTS, results vary upon skin condition.

60 minute session for $145


Bring your skin back to life! Our diamond tipped wand gently abrades the skin to remove dead cells, dirt, and instantly reveal more flawless skin. This treatment is your turn-key solution to the beautiful skin you deserve. Minimize fine lines and wrinkles, remove acne scars, clear blackheads, and minimize the size of pores. Although you will see instant benefits, 6-9 treatments are recommended for optimum results.

$140 per session


For all types of stressed, dreary skin showing signs of aging, loss of radiance, or irregular skin patterns. Our Luxe Face Mask is designed to lift, firm, and reveal a more youthful, fresh complexion full of luminosity. To put the cherry on top, integrated aromatherapy, aromatic steam, massage and acupressure techniques accompany this incredibly rejuvenating, customized facial.

75 minute session for $135


Kiss dull, depleted skin goodbye with our most simple essential facial.

45 minute session for $85


Do you hate bumps and spots on your back? Well have the perfect treatment for your "Bacne"

Allow us to melt away stress while targeting Clogged pores, Breakouts, and Blackheads. Our series of treatments will soon have you loving the skin you're in showing off you BACK!

Prices vary upon severity


Dermaplaning is a Method of Exfoliation that consist of using a 10 gauge scalpel. The top layer of dull gross skin cells are gently scraped off to reveal brighter and smoother complexion.

It also allows deeper penetration of skincare products. So say goodbye to the peach fuzz hairs, and HELLO to youthful, brighter and smoother skin. It’s also great to pair with other facial services.

Ask us how!

60 minute session for $135


OMG!! This is the in-grown hair savior! A crafty peel is created along with exfoliation to remove the dead skin that blocks your hair from returning to the surface.

We will also throw in a Hyperpigmentation treatment to create that beautiful even skin tone. A series of 3 recommended to achieve MAX results!

45 minute session for $95


We can't forget about our Fellas, or should we say the "Classic Man." 

In this service we would like to cater to our classic man ingrown hairs, dead skin, and hyperpigmentation needs along extremely deep cleansing of the skin.

Allow us to enhance your Glow with an even and smooth skin tone. A skin regimen is HIGHLY recommended for max results! 

75 minute session for $135


Let's Reveal what's Underneath your beautiful Canvas! This Treatment is a custom Face cocktail that slightly peels the unwanted dull 

skin. You will need a series of treatments for desired and max results. Mild Peeling will happen after treatment. This treatment is a great Jumpstart for a "New skin Journey"

45 minute session for $115

Element 02 Facial

This Beauty treatment is designed to replenish the levels of oxygen in your skin, breaking down the barriers of hyperpigmentation, smoothing out wrinkles while restoring a youthful appearance to your face. Our products are packed with Hyaluronic Acid, DNA protection complex, Fiflow, Illumiscin and Vitamin C. We highly recommend getting this treatment every 1-2 weeks for 6 sessions for best results.

50 minute session for $130